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Proving a case of medical negligence* can be an arduous undertaking. If you talk to an experienced lawyer at O’Brien Murphy Solicitors, we will advise in relation to the strength of your case, exactly what’s involved, how long it should take and the amount of compensation you should expect.


Medical negligence* and dental negligence* cases can be very complicated areas of Irish law. In order to prove that a doctor or dentist is negligent it is necessary to establish that no reasonably competent practitioner, in the relevant field, at the relevant time, with the same qualifications and expertise faced with the same circumstances, would have acted in the same way. The second issue that has to be overcome is that of causation. This is where we have to prove that but for the error on behalf of the specialist the injury would not have occurred.


We also understand however that it is often a very distressing time for the victims of medical malpractice* and their families. With our specialist expertise we will give clear and thoughtful advice as to whether a case can be pursued in the courts. We also provide advice and representation to assist you at patient support groups, patient advocacy groups and at Coroner’s Inquests.


*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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